I am forgiven

I am loved

I am not a mistake

I am not forgotten

I am His

I am valuable . #repeat ~ Caroline Naoroji





You are created in His image :)


You are created in His image, His Living Spirit dwells in you, you are precious in His eyes, He has carved your name in the palm of His hands. You are chosen, a royal priesthood, God’s own possession – This ought to put a skip in your walk, a shot of energy in your veins, smile on your face and confidence in your heart to take on the day. – Caroline Naoroji

Apple of His eye


You are the apple of His eye; you are always on His mind

He has your name engraved in the palm of His hand

Through His blood your sins have vaporized like a mist

He calls you His friend, you are His

He stretches the Heavens like a canopy for you

If the Lord Jesus is there for you, who can be against you?

He is the Good Shepherd who watches over His sheep

The God who loves you, never slumbers or sleeps

When you walk through raging waters, He will be there with you

When you are battling life s fire, the flame will not scorch you

He will make all the crooked paths straight

He will swing open the strong prison gates

Turn your eyes upon Jesus, forget the things of the world

Yield your life to Him to shape up and mold

Come just as you are into His presence

Let your praise go before as a sweet smelling incense

You are the apple of His eye; You are so precious in His sight

For you, He has fought and won a good fight

~ Caroline Naoroji ~