Go beyond your pain…


Go beyond your pain…forgive, let go and extend grace..it heals you and others! – Caroline Naoroji


Worship defeats worry


Worship defeats worry
Worship confuses the enemy
Worship uplifts the weary
Worship shifts focus from our pain to His glory. – Caroline Naoroji

New Mercies, New Strength..


Yes we may have some struggles, pain, challenges, tensions and trials but today is a brand new day, so let us step in and look for new beginnings, new miracles, new anointing, new mercies and new strength. – Caroline Naoroji



To become a butterfly you have to endure the cocoon stage – Caroline Naoroji

There is no easy way out and there is no skipping of stages, it is all a process. The pain may last for a night, but the joy comes in the morning. When we know what the revelation, the transformation, the ultimate end result is going to be, the trials are just part of the process. Hang in there, the joy will be revealed soon.

Where do I go?


Where do I go when my tears roll down?
Where do I go when pressures press down?

Where do I go when pain laughs at me?
Where do I go to find laughter and glee?

Where do I go when I get drained out?
Where do I go when all I can do is cry and pout?

Where do I go when I feel insecure?
Where do I go when I curl up with fear?

Where do I go when situations go out of hand?
Where do I go when I just┬ádon’t understand?

Where do I go when I have to decide?
Where do I go when people take me for a ride?

Where do I go when I get rejected?
Where do I go to be accepted?

Where do I go Lord, Where do I belong?
At Your feet is where I am made whole and complete

Author: Caroline Naoroji