Worship defeats worry


Worship defeats worry
Worship confuses the enemy
Worship uplifts the weary
Worship shifts focus from our pain to His glory. – Caroline Naoroji

You can do it!


When “I can’t do it” knocks you down, let “you can do it”, pull you right back up. Keep moving forward. Let’s go! – Caroline Naoroji

Lord’s presence before us…


Knowing that the Lord’s presence goes before us and that His grace sustains us, gives us a shot of energy and hope in our veins to take on the day! – Caroline Naoroji

Start, now!

Start, now!



The beautiful thing is, to start afresh, to start something wonderful, to start something positive, you don’t have to wait, you can do it now!  – Caroline Naoroji

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Glow in life


For an awesome glow in life, cleanse in His presence, soak in His love and bask in His glory. – Caroline Naoroji

Lord, I give this day unto You…


Lord, I give this day unto You, every move I make every turn I take, may it be ordered by You, every word I speak, every thought I think may it be anointed by You, every action I spring into, every deed I do, may it glorify You. – Caroline Naoroji