Be the one


In a world filled with bullying, shoving, cursing, hatred and evil. Be a breath of fresh air.

Be the polite one
Be the kind one
Be the loving one
Be the one that blesses others
Be the one that opens doors
Be the one that waits for your turn
Be the one that makes the difference! – Caroline Naoroji


Love vs Hate


Today┬áI choose love instead of hate, worship instead of worry, faith instead of fear, contentment instead of comparison, forgiveness instead of revenge and God instead of the world. – Caroline Naoroji


Breath of Fresh Air….


Anger & Hatred brings suffocation…whereas forgiveness is a breath of fresh air. – Caroline Naoroji


Let us empty..


Let us empty our thoughts of anger, fear, selfish motives, hatred and rage and fill it up with thoughts of kindness, love, purity, forgiveness and hope – Caroline Naoroji