No matter what race or color…

Stack of hands showing unity and teamwork

When you feel pain for another, when you are there for your brother,

No matter what race or color,

You have arrived, my precious child!

Now, rise up and lift up the fallen, comfort the shaken and be the beacon!

– Caroline Naoroji

Reconcile today!


Life is too short. You may never get another opportunity to say, “I am sorry” or “I love you”.  Don’t delay.  Do it now, reconcile today! – Caroline Naoroji


Go beyond your pain…


Go beyond your pain…forgive, let go and extend heals you and others! – Caroline Naoroji

Go do your superhero thing :)


Breathe in and breathe out and then go do your superhero thing, whatever it may be – To bring a smile upon someone’s face, to lessen someone’s burden, to spread joy, to forgive, to pray for someone, to encourage and uplift…list goes on! – Caroline Naoroji




I am forgiven

I am loved

I am not a mistake

I am not forgotten

I am His

I am valuable . #repeat ~ Caroline Naoroji




Do the right thing…

Woman running on wooden path

Do not wait until tomorrow to do the right thing. Forgive, repent, serve, bless, reach out, work out, live, love today…now! – Caroline Naoroji



Forgiveness is paying forward what God has done for us and does for us time and time again! – Caroline Naoroji

Ease up their battles….


Everyone is battling life’s challenges in their own way. Ease up their battles – Don’t judge but pray, don’t criticize but show mercy, don’t compare but love, don’t be angry but forgive, don’t frown but smile. – Caroline Naoroji