I AM the resurrection and the life..


When death is all you see, all around you and inside you!

Cling on to the One Who says, “I AM the resurrection and the life”

When you can’t take another step and fear is thumbing you down!

Reach out to the One who can lift you up and help you thrive! – Caroline Naoroji


Faith, our auto reflex


When trials and anxieties lurk around, let faith be our auto reflex and not fear. – Caroline Naoroji

Out of shape…


When you are bent out of shape by fear, it is time for a faith workout!

– Caroline Naoroji


To Be….


To be selfless in every selfish moment
To have integrity to not give in during temptation
To be loving when hateful is what you want to be
To be forgiving when blame is all you see
To be compassionate even to the ones who don’t deserve it
To be thankful even when your storehouse is empty
To have faith when fear is suffocating you
To trust in God in all of the above moments, for only through Him all things are possible.
– Caroline Naoroji

Faith stares fear down


Faith stares fear down

Faith runs fear out of town

Faith out roars fear

Faith knows Who is with us versus what is in front of us or near.

– Caroline Naoroji

Just call upon His name


When fear makes you quiver

Just call upon His name

When struggles makes you cry

Just call upon His name

When pain makes you stumble

Just call upon His name

When despair makes you hurt

Just call upon His name

When worry makes you anxious

Just call upon His name

When life looks unfair

Just call upon His name

When grief floods your soul

Just call upon His name

When questions go unanswered

Just call upon His name

When wounds get deeper

Just call upon His name

When everyone lets you down

Just call upon His name

His name is our Fortress

His name is our Solace

His name is our Salvation

His name is Jesus.


Author – Caroline Naoroji