When things don’t make sense – pray
When evil is looming around – pray
When your world is falling apart – pray
When you want to hear from Him – pray
When you want peace and comfort – pray
When you are overwhelmed- pray

Pray for your family, friends, neighbors, nations, leaders! – Caroline Naoroji




Miracles happen everyday..within you and around you..don’t miss out on them in your busy life. Identify them, cherish them, celebrate them and continue to believe and hope! – Caroline Naoroji




Tomorrow is not promised….

Live today!

Love today!

Rejoice today!

Forgive today!

Dance today!

– Caroline Naoroji




Children are not going to remember the neatly arranged closets, the vacuumed floors, the dish free sinks when they think of home, they will only remember the warmth and love you gave, quality time you shared and wonderful memories you created together. Make home a safe haven for them. – Caroline Naoroji

Daughter’s love


6 year old daughter: Mommy, it is not fair that you don’t get to stay with your mommy and daddy forever.

Mother: Yeah baby, even you will have your own family one day and won’t live with me and daddy.

6 year old daughter: Yeah I know, that is why I am going to kiss you and daddy a lot and keep you both in my heart forever, noone can take that away.


Children – they grow up so fast, treasure them, love on them and build them up. Treasure your parents and their love in your heart forever, they are God’s gifts to you.