No matter what the situation, good or bad, if it brings the best in you, you win! – Caroline Naoroji



If our lives scream out, “love, kindness, joy, hope, forgiveness,” they will definitely be echoed back. So, go ahead and live out loud and bring back a beautiful echo, echo, echo. – Caroline Naoroji

Lord, I give this day unto You…


Lord, I give this day unto You, every move I make every turn I take, may it be ordered by You, every word I speak, every thought I think may it be anointed by You, every action I spring into, every deed I do, may it glorify You. – Caroline Naoroji

New Mercies, New Strength..


Yes we may have some struggles, pain, challenges, tensions and trials but today is a brand new day, so let us step in and look for new beginnings, new miracles, new anointing, new mercies and new strength. – Caroline Naoroji