Healed wounds


We all get hurt and have wounds, but when we heal, it is awesome to share the healing story with others. It brings additional joy and hope to the ones who are in the middle of their healing.- Caroline Naoroji


Awesome things in life :)

 The morning dew on a freshly bloomed flower
The radiant sun reflecting on the waters with its vigor and power

The gentle kiss from a loving child
A tender touch when you the need the most, so soft and mild

The redness of an apple so ripe and delish
The glittering stars on a dark night that embellish

A sweet smile on a tear dried face
The hug that makes the pain disappear from lonely days

A breath of fresh air after a life’s pain and struggle
A nice peaceful sleep with a teddy to cuddle

The smear of ice cream on a happy kid’s nose
The intoxicating fragrance from the love and the rose

The warmth of a blanket to the one who owns none
A place of shelter and hope for the one on the run

A rainbow after the rain brings hope to the hopeless
A warm cup of soup to the one who is homeless

A list that grows with awesome things in life
I thank God for this experience and just to be alive

Author – Caroline Naoroji