Solid Rock vs Quicksand

male_feet_standing_on_edge_ofWorry pulls us down like quicksand but prayer sets us up on the unshakeable Solid Rock.

– Caroline Naoroji

David vs goliath

-font-b-Roar-b-font-King-of-Animal-font-b-Lion-b-font-Wild-AnimalIn a world filled with goliaths be a David.

Be the one who places his trust in Him and not in self. Greater is He who lives in you. With God on your side you can be an overcomer, a slayer of giants.

Get pumped up! Roar!

– Caroline Naoroji

Solution vs Problem


The great thing about the power that resides in us is that we can choose to be part of the solution and not of the problem. – Caroline Naoroji


You are created in His image :)


You are created in His image, His Living Spirit dwells in you, you are precious in His eyes, He has carved your name in the palm of His hands. You are chosen, a royal priesthood, God’s own possession – This ought to put a skip in your walk, a shot of energy in your veins, smile on your face and confidence in your heart to take on the day. – Caroline Naoroji

You can do it!


When “I can’t do it” knocks you down, let “you can do it”, pull you right back up. Keep moving forward. Let’s go! – Caroline Naoroji

Spring Forward…


It is not about how hard you fell, what matters is how fast you pull yourselves up, dust yourselves off and spring forward in full speed. – Caroline Naoroji

Start, now!

Start, now!



The beautiful thing is, to start afresh, to start something wonderful, to start something positive, you don’t have to wait, you can do it now!  – Caroline Naoroji

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As you step out today…

As you step out today…



As you step out today, choose to give a listening ear, share a caring heart and respect others, for everyone is fighting a battle out there; your love, encouragement and your beautiful smile will go a long way for them.-Caroline Naoroji

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