No matter what race or color…

Stack of hands showing unity and teamwork

When you feel pain for another, when you are there for your brother,

No matter what race or color,

You have arrived, my precious child!

Now, rise up and lift up the fallen, comfort the shaken and be the beacon!

– Caroline Naoroji

Praise & Prayer



In the midst of these confusing, dark, troublesome times continue praying and singing songs and hymns to God. Your praise is your weapon and prayer is your key. Watch the chains fall down and the doors swing open that has held you captive in your heart, in your spirit and your life. – Caroline Naoroji

Faith, our auto reflex


When trials and anxieties lurk around, let faith be our auto reflex and not fear. – Caroline Naoroji



Keep speaking life – your words of hope, love, peace and encouragement can help resurrect the deadness around you. – Caroline Naoroji




Peace based on position, place or providence can disappear in the blink of an eye. Peace based on God’s presence is eternal. – Caroline Naoroji


Thankful vs Grumble


Today, you can either grumble or be thankful. Choose Well! – Caroline Naoroji

Embrace your season…


Embrace your season but also understand and respect other’s journey and season. – Caroline Naoroji



In life we take turns in being each other’s superhero. – Caroline Naoroji