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God – the center of our lives


Overheard my young sons talk to each other. My teenage son to his younger brother: Oh my goodness, why do you have to bring God in all the subjects and issues? Younger son to his big brother: Show me one thing where God isn’t present and I will quit bringing Him into the subject. 

Pin Drop Silence.

Wow! what profound words from the boy. We try to keep God as the Sunday morning Thing, Praise and Worship Object or At the time of help or need kind of figure in our lives and leave Him out of all the other aspects of our lives. But He is intertwined in us, His breath in us, His Spirit dwells in us. Nothing can separate us from Him and His love.

Let us bring Him back into the center of our lives. Let Him be the very core of our being. Let us look at Him counsel before we seek answers from friends and family. Let us bring God back into every aspect of our lives.

-Caroline Naoroji


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