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He is our Elohim, our Sovereign God
He is our El-Olam, our Eternal God
He is our El-Shaddai, our Almighty Provider
Jesus is our Adonai, our Loving Lord

His name is so beautiful
His name is so wonderful
His name is our comfort in distress
His name is our strong fortress

When you are in need call upon Jehovah – Jirah
And He will provide

When you are in bondage call upon Jehovah – Mkaddesh
And He will sanctify

When you are downtrodden call upon Jehovah – Nissi
He is our Banner

When you are in despair call upon Jehovah – Rophe
He is the Healer

When you feel defeated call upon Jehovah – Tsaba
For He is the Lord of the army

When you need a cleansing call upon Jehovah – Tsidkenu
For He is the righteousness

When you are tormented call upon Jehovah – Shalom
And He will give you peace

When you are lost and lonely call upon Jehovah – Rohi
He is the Good Shepherd

When you want to feel His presence call upon Jehovah – Shammah
And you will know that He is here

Jesus, Name above all names….

By Caroline Naoroji


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